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2019, Montwell Commons



Montwell Commons is a work in progress. Through generous community support, we always have a new project or two underway. Find out what we've done and what we're working on now!

Current Projects
  • Home of the Greenbrier County Health Alliance, the Gwen Clingman Center is an open-concept space perfect for community events, workshops and outreach opportunities. A commercial kitchen and ADA-compliant restrooms are currently under construction at the anterior of the existing building. The GCHA will use the space for local foods initiatives that include training on nutrition and food preparation, as well as programs to combat hunger and food insecurity in the surrounding community.  More  >

  • An appealing, functional space for relaxing or gathering, The Center Square in front of the Clingman Building is being developed to include low courtyard walls, benches, landscaping, and lighting. The Square also connects the paved walkways between venues at the Commons.  More  >

  • Attractive landscaping is all that's needed to make the improved entry and designated areas in the parking lot more inviting for guests.  More  >

Learn more about these developments ​and other projects.  More  >


Recently Completed Projects
  • The James Withrow Building is now home to The Local, a café and grocer providing responsibly grown regional produce and mindfully prepared food. This new venture partners with regional growers and cooperatives to provide a dependable and wide variety of sustainably-produced food in a market atmosphere. The Local serves breakfast and lunch. Ready-made grab-n-go meals are available as well.  More  >

  • The attractive, well drained, safely designed entry and parking lot.   More  >

In the news...The construction of the Gwen Clingman Center was documented in a Barnwood Builders’ episode on the DIY Network. Barnwood Builders, now in its eighth season, follows five fun-loving West Virginians who salvage antique log cabins and barns. The show celebrates the American pioneer spirit and pays tribute to the hard work and craftsmanship that built our nation. The series stars Lewisburg local resident and business owner Mark Bowe.  View Video > and  Project Profiles  >