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Montwell Commons is a work in progress. Through generous community support, we always have a new project or two underway. Find out what we've done and what we're working on now!

Projects Underway

Gwen Clingman Center Additions

What: Commercial kitchen and ADA- compliant bathrooms (one is a family bathroom and has a shower)

Why: Improve the space for GBHA workshops, events, and short-term rentals

Started: August 2018

Target Date: End of August 2019

Budget: $150,000

Project Leaders: Florian Schleiff and Cliff Baker

Funds Needed: $40,000

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The Center Square

What: Paved walkways, low courtyard walls, lighting, and landscaping

Why: Connect all 3 buildings, provide easy and safe walkways, construct defined "square" for relaxing/gathering

Started: 2019

Target Date: September 2019

Budget: $80,000

Project Leaders: Florian and Cliff

Funds Needed: $44,000

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