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Demonstration Garden

     The Demonstration Garden was planned and developed by Tommye Rafes working in conjunction with the Greenbrier County Health Alliance. The Garden helps to educate individuals visiting Montwell Commons about different varieties of plants that adapt well to our growing zone, and introduce a variety of planting techniques. Since many people live in urban areas where there may not be enough space to have a conventional in-ground garden, a number of planting techniques that can be used in a small back yard or a patio are demonstrated . These include raised beds made from timbers or masonry blocks, feeding troughs for large animals, several styles of watering troughs, and trellises and fences for climbing plants such as peas, beans, and cucumbers.

     During the growing season, April through October, everyone is invited to come to the Garden on Saturdays at 9:00 AM to learn different gardening skills such as soil preparation, planting, mulching, thinning and transplanting, and how to recognize and treat insect and disease threats.  In addition to weeding and watering, you will help harvest the vegetables and take some home to enjoy.


During the peak harvesting period, there are often enough vegetables to share with Amy's Market and Hill and Holler. Produce is also donated to the WV FARMacy program where doctors “prescribe” fresh, healthy, locally grown foods to food-insecure patients with chronic diet-related diseases.

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