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A History of Need

      Since 2013, Montwell Commons has steadily progressed toward its original vision of creating a space for multi-use community gatherings.


     In 2016, a 1,000-year flood struck the Greenbrier Valley, devastating large swaths of the county, displacing over 200 local families, and killing 23 people across the state. The tragic events of June 2016 slowed progress on the development of Montwell Commons but highlighted an important community need.


   In the weeks after the flood, Montwell Commons served as a center for volunteer and donation organization, as well as resource deployment. Since then, Montwell Commons has regained momentum and begun its second phase of development, inclusion of a Disaster Support Center has become central to the vision.

Support at Montwell Commons

     To address community needs during potential outages, Montwell Commons raised funds to purchase and install natural gas emergency generators to provide the Log building, the Clingman Center, and the Market building with uninterrupted power.  This provides people with a place to gather, eat, and literally recharge should we lose electric service.

   The Clingman Center has a commercial kitchen and ADA-compliant restrooms (plus one with a shower) to provide shelter during an disaster.  The parking lots and Plaza offer large safe, well lit spaces where residents and resources can connect.

Local Support and Information

​​   If you need emergency assistance, call 911, go to the Greenbrier Valley Medical Center emergency department, or contact Med Express urgent care at (304) 645-2164.

     Sign up at to receive text messages when there are local emergency situations or conditions.

     The Greater Greenbrier Long-term Recovery Committee  mission is to "ensure the safety and wellbeing of Greenbrier Valley citizens in all phases of disaster".

     Every family should have an emergency plan for your family, go to to for suggestions on how to create your personal plan.

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