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Montwell Commons Mission Statement

The mission of Montwell Commons is to enhance the well being of the community by providing a safe and attractive venue where people can connect in a social environment, have access to locally sourced healthy food, and participate in recreation and educational activities in a natural environment.

We strive to accomplish our mission by:

  • Providing an environment that encourages people to be involved with our community;

  • Providing locations and facilities where people can meet in an attractive and safe environment;

  • Having Partners who offer employment opportunities to people with a wide variety of skills;

  • Providing a location with facilities that can be enjoyed safely by individuals of all ages;

  • Offering opportunities for socializing, physical activity, and education;

  • Providing access to high quality foods, both raw and fully prepared;

  • Demonstrating the best practices for being good stewards of our environment by incorporating energy efficiency in the design of the buildings, storm water management, recycling, and landscaping with native species



Montwell Commons is the business name for the Greenbrier Valley Restoration Project.  It owns 8+ acres of land adjacent to downtown Lewisburg that offers two ¼ mile walking paths, picnic tables, and a hill for sledding in the winter. There are two restaurants on site that offer high quality food at reasonable prices, WV craft beers, local produce and meat, and regional food products. The restaurants provide approximately 50 full and part time jobs while the recycling program with Greenworks supports additional community jobs. The Clingman Center provides a venue for private receptions and events, meetings, workshops,and training programs. As stewards of the environment, we have used a permeable paving system for the parking lots and driveways that represents the best practice for managing stormwater. The parking areas, driveway and open areas are illuminated with high efficiency LED lights that minimize light pollution.  Over 50 varieties of native plants are used for landscaping.


Montwell Commons is a 501(c)(3) organization run exclusively by volunteers, there are no paid employees and the Directors all serve without compensation.  Unless otherwise specified by the donor, 100% of all donations are used for capital improvements.  All operating expenses are covered by income from the three rental buildings. Recent IRS 990 tax returns are available by clicking the year 20192020 or 2021 you would like to examine, and the IRS 1023 application form is available on request.  The Board of Directors is comprised of these volunteer members of the community: Cliff Baker, Elizabeth Clark, David Craddock, Jerry Janiga, Paul Lindquist, Florian Schleiff, Marit Withrow, and Greg Witkamper.

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