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Other Buildings


     During the 20th century, several houses had been constructed on the Montwell Commons property and are referenced in deeds.  These are identified by the family that probably had them built.

Jones House (Lafayette St.)

     After the Greenbrier Creamery was destroyed by fire, the lot was sold to Ernest and William Echols in 1898. In 1948, the “land formerly owned by J. Brum Williams on which the barn stood (Deed 162-582)” was sold to J.B. Jones for $350. Jones apparently built the house because the next time the lot was sold (2006, Deed 507-590), the price was $30,000 and the deed referenced a building on the property. The house was at the left end of Lafayette St and was purchased by GVRP in 2018 (Deed 599-629). The house was moved across Lafayette St. to part of another lot bought by GVRP in 2018 (Deed 529-376), just to the right of the PSD pumping station. This was part of the overall project to construct the lower parking area at Montwell Commons.  The tractor and recycle sheds are on the site of the Jones house.

Moore House (Lafayette St.)

     In 1938, Ora and Ray Ramsburg sold R.C. Quick their property along Lafayette St. “including the old William Worsham residence (corner of Randolph and Lafayette streets) and the lot lying northeast thereof known as the Cannery Lot” for $2,000 (Deed 131-420). Five years later in 1943, R.C. Quick sold the lower 66' x 116' portion of the Cannery Lot along Lafayette St. to H.B. Moore for $2,250 (Deed 147-398). The next year he sold the remainder of the Cannery and Worsham lots to H.L. Legg for $2,000. Based on the prices Quick received for the properties, the house was more likely built by the Moore family than the Quick family. In 1966, Rosalie Detch bought the Moore property for $5250 (Deed 233-634) as a way for the motel to gain access to Lafayette St.  The house was taken down after Montwell Commons was established  in 2013.

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