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#7 Permeable Pavers
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Walking Tour

     Welcome to this walking tour of Montwell Commons that will introduce you to the history and special features of the property. As you arrive at each location, click on the audio button to listen to a 1-2 minute description of the topic for the location. More detailed information on each site is presented on the history section of this website.  Special thanks are given to Dexter Taylor for narrating this tour.

     The tour begins at the Demonstration Garden at the end of the Clingman Engagement Center.  When you reach each stop on the tour, click on the audio icon to listen to a 1-2 minute description.

#1  The first stop on the walking tour of Montwell Commons is the Demonstration Garden at the end of the Clingman Engagement Center building.

#2  Walk to the end of the sidewalk by the parking area where the Greenbrier Canning Company was situated.

#3 From there, walk across the parking area and Lafayette St. to the gravel driveway


#4  Now walk to the upper corner of the fence around the PSD pumping station to learn about the Greenbrier Creamery and the early flour mills.

#5  Go across the grass on your left towards the gravel path around the Meadow, but stop where the sinkhole entrance is on your left and the Beirne Spring is up the hill on your right.

#6   Walk down the gravel path to the end of the lower porch at Amy's Market. 


#7   Walk across the lower porch and stop at the crosswalk by the driveway.

#8   Cross the driveway and go to the right end of the Clingman Center porch.

#9   To your right, go to the top of the stairs leading to Hill and Holler.


#10  Go to the porch by the entrance to Hill and Holler.


#11  Walk along the sidewalk heading to Amy's Market and go across the crosswalk.

This completes your walking tour of Montwell Commons.  Look around and imagine the sights, sounds, and smells that would have greeted you a hundred years ago - coal smoke from boilers, machinery running, horse drawn wagons delivering goods and supplies, leather being tanned, butter being churned, vegetables being canned, and grain being milled.

#1 Demonstration Garden
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#3a Town Boundary
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#3b Donnally Gloves
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#4a Greenbrier Creamery
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#5a Beirne Spring
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#6a Walking Paths
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#8a Clingman Center
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#9a James Withrow
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#9b Bluegrass Milling
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#10a Old Red Mill
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#10b Ft. Savannah Inn
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#11 Native Plants
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#8b Lwb Mill & Electric
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#2 Canning Co.
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#5b Sinkhole
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#6b Market Building
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#4b Early Flour Mills
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