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     There's no need to have an agenda when you visit Montwell Commons! Bring a book and lounge in the sun. Meet a friend for an overdue chat.  Enjoy lunch at one of the picnic tables in the Meadow. Let the kids run free while you take a couple of laps on the walking path. Go sledding on the hillsides.  Montwell Commons is your community - come relax and play with us. 

Walking Path

     The path begins at the lower parking lot of Montwell Commons and follows a creek on the south side of the meadow, then continues along the base of the hillside on the meadow’s northern edge. The Hillside Loop leaves at the east end, climbs up a slight hill and descends back to the Meadow Loop.  Oak timbers outline the path that is filled with compacted crushed limestone to create a  surface that is firm and never muddy.  The Meadow Loop is about 1/5 of a mile long and the Hillside Loop increases the distance to 1/4 of a mile.


     The Meadow Loop is handicap accessible and parking is located at its entrance. These loop paths were built by Boy Scouts during the 2018 National Jamboree.

     A connector path starts at the Hillside Loop and goes steeply up hill to Chestnut street.  Half way up the hill, another path branches off to the right and goes along the treeline offering very nice views of downtown Lewisburg and the Courthouse.  It then zig-zags down the hill and takes you back to Lafayette street.

Disc Golf

     Disc golf is a low-impact sport players of any age can enjoy. The park area at Montwell Commons offers a six-hole course available to residents and visitors alike. Bring your frisbee and have some fun.  Click to learn about disc golf.

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