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2013      The Ft. Savannah Inn was sold at auction to Appalachian Mountain


2013      Greenbrier Valley Restoration Project, Inc. was incorporated as a

               501(c)(3) organization.

2013      The old Ft. Savannah Inn buildings were demolished.

2013      The Meadows, a 4 ½ acre green space, was donated to GVRP.

2013      The log building roof was replaced to stabilize the building and

               provide natural light with skylights and gable end windows.

2014      The deed for the Ft. Savannah Inn property was transferred to GVRP.

2014      Three 42” diameter culverts were installed to carry City stormwater

               and the Andrew  Lewis spring water from the end of the Barn to the

              creek by the Market building.

2015     An old apple barn from the Eastern Panhandle was purchased,

              disassembled, and transported to Lewisburg.

2015      Barnwood Builders assembled the timber frame Barn as Season 2,

              Episode 3 for their TV series

2016     The foundation was built for the Withrow Market building.

2017      A ¼ mile walking path was constructed as a community service

               project by Boy Scouts from several states and countries during the

               2017 National Jamboree.

2018     An emergency generator was installed to supply electricity to the Log

              Building and Barn.

2018      The Withrow Market building was constructed.

2018      The little white house where the Recycle Shed is located was

               purchased and moved about a hundred yards to the lot across

               Lafayette St.

2019      The upper parking lot with 23 regular and 2 handicap spaces

               constructed using permeable pavers which represent the “best

               practice” for stormwater management.

2020      The lower parking lot with 42 regular and 3 handicap spaces

               constructed with permeable pavers.

2021      Over 50 species of native plants have been used for landscaping

              throughout Montwell Commons.

2022      A walking path linking the Chestnut St. neighborhood with the

               Meadows was constructed with a BeActive WV grant.

2023     A new 1/4 mile walking path with nice views was constructed from

              Chestnut Street, high along the hillside and down to Lafayette St.

2023     A path extending up to Lee Street is in the planning stage.


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Montwell Commmons Timeline

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