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Projects Underway
Gwen Clingman
Center SqUARE


Clingman Center Additions

What: Commercial kitchen and ADA- compliant bathrooms (one is a family bathroom and has a shower)

Why: Improve the space for GBHA workshops, events, and short-term rentals

Started: August 2018

Target Date: End of August 2019

Budget: $150,000

Project Leaders: Florian Schleiff and Cliff Baker


Entry & Parking Lot Landscaping

What: Landscaping for entry on 219 and designated areas within the parking lot

Why: Provide attractive, clear entryway to venues and park area at Montwell

Start Date: Mid June 2019

Target: August 2019

Budget: $20,000

Project Leaders: TBD

The Center Square

What: Paved walkways, low courtyard walls, lighting, and landscaping

Why: Connect all 3 buildings, provide easy and safe walkways, construct defined "square" for relaxing/gathering

Started: 2019

Target Date: September 2019

Budget: $80,000

Project Leaders: Florian and Cliff

Demonstration Garden

What: Raised Bed Vegetable Gardens

Why: Teach people about growing, preparing, gleaning, composting plants

Target: July 2019

Budget: $4,000 ($1,000 funded by Greenbrier County Health Alliance)

Project Leaders: Tommye Rafes

Funds Needed: $3,000

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James Withrow
Park Lot
Walk trail
Completed Projects
James Withrow Building

What: New structure to house local market and café  

Why: Provide space for entrepreneur committed to locally-sourced foods

Started: 2016 (right before the flood)

Completed: May 2019

Investment: $380,000

Project Leaders: Florian and Cliff

Thanks to: Don and Marit Withrow, the Woodwards, Attar family, Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation, Lowes, Neathawk Lumber, Greenbrier Technology, Valley Heating and Air, and Jerry Janiga

Parking Lot Improvements

What: Defined parking areas, traffic flow, and lighting

Why: Improve visitor access, safety, and drainage issues

Started: 2013

Target Date: May 2019

Investment: $140,000

Project Leader: Cliff Baker

Thanks to: Baker family, RBS, AEP, Terradon, WV DOH

PARKLOT IMP_7459-S.jpg
Emergency Generator

What: Emergency power source
When: February 2018
Why: Provide power to support the commercial kitchen, as well as volunteers, agency staff, and disaster victims 
Investment: $30,000
Project Leader: Cliff Baker
Thanks to: Greenbrier Technologies and a generous anonymous donor

Walking Trail

What: 1110 feet of walking trails
When: July 2017
Why: Create a beautiful, safe space for residents and visitors to stroll or powerwalk
Investment: $4,000
Project Leader: Cliff Baker
Thanks to: the Boy Scouts, Mullican Lumber, RBS, and  Neathawk

House Relocation & Land Purchase

What: Remove little white house and purchase the land
When: July 2017
Why: Open space between the Clingman Center, the Park and Lafayette Street
Investment: $76,000 (Move: $50K and $26K for land)
Project Leader: Florian Schleiff
Thanks to: Martin Construction, the Blakesleys, and several anonymous donors

Underground Drainage of Site

What: Installation of drainage equipment
When: May 2016

Why: Provide proper drainage so grounds are safe, not muddy, and stable
Investment: $86,000
Project Leader: Cliff Baker
Thanks to: ALL Construction, RBS

Construction of Barn Building

What: New open-concept, multi-use space using old barn materials
When: January 2015

Why: Provide structure to attract enterprise supporting the vision and community
Investment: $300,000
Project Leader: Florian Schleiff
Thanks to: Barnwood Builders, Lynch Construction, ALL Construction, Neathawk Lumber, Brandon Johnson, Attar family, Jerry Janiga

View video of Barnwood Builders' episode featuring this construction. >

Acquisition of Renovated Ft. Savannah

What: Purchase of renovated log building 
When: 2013

Why: Provide attractive, safe venue for family-oriented eatery
Project Leader: Joe Lovett
Thanks to: Appalachian Mountain Advocates, Peyton family, Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation, Ed Roach

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